Two guys stay awake for 36 hours and click pictures every 6 hours! Here is how they looked at the end of the experiment

Two guys stay awake for 36 hours and click pictures every 6 hours! Here is how they looked at the end of the experiment

It is time and again recommended that a person should get a good night’s sleep not only to rest your body but to also maintain good health. It improves athletic performance and cognitive functions as well. Not just that, it also influences your appearance more than you’d realize. You’d be surprised to know that sleep deprivation can actually be crucial in the way you look.
Have you been someone who’s stayed up for 36 hours at a stretch for some reason or the other? Maybe it was a school project that you had to submit or college exams that you didn’t study beforehand. There must have of course been more reasons to stay awake for those many hours. But have you ever thought what it does to your face?
According to a couple of guys who decided to stay awake for 36 hours to see the changes in their faces, the first theory explains that you have a weak immune system when you are sleep-deprived and you are also more prone to accidents. It also says that when your face reflects a weakened state, it makes the other well-rested people around to avoid you. The second theory says that when you are sleep-deprived, you make more pessimistic towards your emotions

In the experiment by the two guys, Greg and Mitch from the AsapSCIENCE channel, they started the day at 8 am and didn’t consume coffee for the next 36 hours. The first 10 hours went smoothly with their daily routine. And after 14 hours, one of the guys started feeling that his cognitive abilities were slowing down. When you are sleep deprived, an area in your brain gets turned off and the proteins that are required to build connections between neurons aren’t available which makes it really difficult to make a memory.

Once it’s daytime and the sun rises, the guys started to feel a little more energized than the night. This is because your body starts to produce hormones that are in sync with the sun’s light when actually wakes your body up. Although, this doesn’t last long because you’ve stayed up all night long.
At the end of 36 hours, both the guys looked noticeably different. Mostly when you are up for so long, you start to look sad and deeply unhappy with more visible lines around your eyes from all the effort you put into trying to keep awake.

Now you know how getting your ‘beauty sleep’ is so important not just for your body functions but also for your appearance.