Glasgow attacker ‘lived in a hostel room with no daylight for 3 months’

Glasgow attacker ‘lived in a hostel room with no daylight for 3 months’

The knifeman shot dead after stabbing six people including a police officer at a Glasgow hotel was an asylum seeker who spent three months cooped up in a room with no daylight, according to reports.

Friends said he was a Sudanese national and named him only as Badradeen, describing how he was ‘fed up’ with his living conditions at the Park Inn Hotel.

Speaking to MailOnline, Abdal Nasser, 22, said he was shocked to learn the ‘loner’ had carried out the attack.

Another, named only as Siraj, said he spoke with Badradeen the night before the incident and recalled how ‘he had been angry’ because he had spent months at the hotel and ‘there was no daylight in his room’.

The attacker was shot following the rampage, while six people including 42-year-old constable David Whyte remain in hospital. The officer’s condition is critical but stable.

Police Scotland have not released any names officially, but did say that the injured included people of the ages of 17, 18, 30, 38 and 53.

Resident Beatrice Onwuka, 37, from Nigeria, told the Mail Badradeen had recently rowed back on plans to seek asylum and wanted to return home.

She said: ‘He was fed up. He didn’t speak much English and he had only a few friends. He was nearly always on his own.

‘He told me he wanted to go home. He didn’t want to stay here anymore. He had had enough.’