Man cradled bleeding friend after seeing him get stabbed in Glasgow attack

Man cradled bleeding friend after seeing him get stabbed in Glasgow attack

A man told how he cradled his injured friend after witnessing him being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach during yesterday’s knife attack in Glasgow.

Dontay Redhead, 24, was waiting outside the Park Inn hotel when the knifeman struck, stabbing six men including a police officer.

He rushed to his friend’s aid after hearing him cry out for help and saw a pool of blood beneath him.

He said he tried to put pressure on the wounds and reassure his mate who was crying ‘I love my mother’.

Dontay said: ‘He got stabbed on each side of his stomach. His guts were hanging out.

‘I was holding him and he was repeating, “I love my mother, I love my mother”‘.

Street closed as officer stabbed in central Glasgow

The knifeman, understood to be an asylum seeker from Sudan, was shot dead by armed officers yesterday.

Staff at the Park Inn hotel were reportedly warned about his mental state the night before the attack, and an immigration solicitor had said he would warn the Home Office about the suspect just minutes before he went on the stabbing spree, according to Sky News.

The hotel where he launched the attack had been closed due to the coronavorus pandemic but had been housing asylum seekers.

Dontay said his friend arrived in Glasgow a month ago after fleeing the Ivory Coast.

Describing the bloodshed unfold he told The Scottish Sun: ‘I heard [my friend] shouting my name. I turned around and the guy was stabbing him.

‘He had him on the ground and he was stabbing him again and again.

‘The guy left him and walked up the steps towards the hotel and stabbed a worker. He fell to the ground and was shouting, “help me, help me”.

‘By the time I got to the hotel worker I could see he was in a critical condition. He was fighting for breath, his eyes were turning in his head.

‘The guy then went inside the hotel and stabbed the receptionist.’

The attack took place at about 12.50 on Friday afternoon, with several wtinesses describing seeing blood ‘everywhere’ and people ‘screaming for help’.

The police officer injured has been named as 42-year-old police constable David Whyte. The other victims have yet to be named, but police said they are all males aged 17, 18, 20, 38 and 53.

The incident is not being treated as terror related .